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Massage Cupping

Massage cupping is a safe and effective modality that usually works faster than traditional deep tissue massage to address muscular and myofascial trigger points, adhesions and general soreness.

Cupping has been used for millennia in many cultures around the world, although today it is most closely associated with China and TCM. There are variations of cups and techniques ranging from glass/fire cupping to pump activated cups to soft silicone cups.

In this office soft silicone cups are used, which allows for a sensitive application to better ensure client comfort.

Sometimes a mark (which I like to call squid marks but is technically called ecchymosis) is left on the skin when performing static cupping. Static cupping is utilized to help relieve localized areas of muscular pain. These marks are caused by blood escaping from capillaries into the tissues due increased blood flow from the cupping.

This is not bruising which is caused by a blunt force to the body (banging into the corner of a table for example).

While these marks are harmless for the average healthy adult, please be aware that they may take 1-2 weeks to completely fade. So if you have that fabulous new bathing suit that you want to show off or you're going to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding, and will be wearing a strapless gown you may want to carefully consider the timing of a massage with cupping!


While massage cupping is completely safe for most people, there are important considerations for individuals with certain health issues. If you have any of the following health concerns please consult your physician BEFORE making an appointment for massage with cupping.

Ensure that your physician knows the following about massage cupping:

●  the suction cups may cause ecchymosis
● cupping massage is highly circulatory and increases vascular and lymphatic circulation
●  cupping massage can activate the immune system
●  Cupping massage can impact the absorption rate of medications


High blood pressure
Autoimmune disorders



Cancer (current)
Taking blood thinners
Currently having medications adjusted
Bruise easily ( example: simple finger pressure will cause bruise )

Kidney disease
Cardiovascular disease (including pacemaker, blood clots, stroke)

Hypotension (clinical low blood pressure)
Pregnancy (including 3 months postpartum)

Lymphedema/lymphedema risk

Cold/flu etc.
Eczema/dermatitis (current flareup)

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